Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ASECTT and Coalition Members Call for Removal of SMS Methodology from Website

Several weeks ago, 10 trucking associations led by ATA and OOIDA requested Secretary Foxx to remove SMS methodology from public view.  See Fleetowner Article, "Groups ask DOT to hide CSA scores from public view."

This request shows a building consensus for ASECTT's position that SMS methodology is flawed and not fit for use.  

Today, ASECTT has filed a similar request with Secretary Foxx, pointing out the flaws in SMS methodology, our consistent opposition to its publication and the adverse consequences of publication on shippers and brokers as well as carriers.  See the letter to Secretary Foxx.

Joining in ASECTT's request is a coalition of affected industry participants including carrier, shipper and intermediary groups.  We are heartened by the increasing industry recognition that SMS methodology is not fit for use and should not be a tool for plaintiff's bar in tort liability suits.

Yours truly,
Henry Seaton

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