Thursday, May 15, 2014

ASECTT Newsletter 5/15/2014

The Agency has proposed a new highway bill. Two controversial proposals to be taken up by the Senate include:

  1. requiring hourly driver compensation for on duty not driving time and
  2. seeking direct regulatory authority over shippers and brokers found guilty of coercing or requiring drivers to exceed the hours of service

USDOT Audit of FMCSA implementation of SMS enforcement.
We would like to thank the Small Business Administration for hosting a listening session on May 12, 2014. The attendance was a 4 member committee appointed by the DOT to review the effectiveness of focused audits and SMS Methodology in light of criticism by the National Highway Transportation Board. The committee is composed largely of experienced federal aviation agency officials familiar with regulatory oversight.

Present were over two dozen inside the beltway representatives of various constituencies having an interest in interstate truck transportation. The panel listened attentively for 3 hours and ASECTT was given a fair opportunity to represent its point of view about the utility and use of SMS Methodology to grade and audit carriers.

Four of our members, two carriers, and two brokers with carrier affiliates provided examples of the unfairness of the grading system and the damage which publications causes on insurance, the availability of freight, and heightened vicarious liability.

Each member traveled to Washington at their own expense, made an important contribution, and deserves our thanks.


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