Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Active Regulatory and Legislative Agenda Ahead

CCJ reports the FMCSA will go to rulemaking with a proposal to increase the BIPD insurance which a carrier is required to maintain (CCJ - "FMCSA projects November publication of rule to hike carrier insurance minimums"). In addition, the Agency is proposing to eliminate the ability of carriers to self-insure. ELDs, speed limiters and rulemaking on safety fitness determinations are all scheduled in the upcoming year.

On the hill, the Agency has submitted its new proposal for a highway bill which has apparently already passed the first reading in the Senate. Attached is a summary (analysis is highlighted) of the Agency's proposals which will affect motor carriers and shippers.

Authority is sought for the first time to extend the Agency's jurisdiction to include shippers who require coerced carriers and drivers to exceed the hours of service.

The shipping community is not sufficiently alarmed to be required to second guess the Agency's safety fitness determination, the possibility of FMCSA extending its jurisdiction to include them should be of major concern.

A compelling case can be made for heightened efforts by all segments of the industry to closely monitor and actively participate in the regulatory and legislative process in view of the substantial dark clouds on the horizon.

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