Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Useful Facts from ATRI Survey

 Useful Facts from ATRI Survey

ATRI will soon release its survey of the status of SMS methodology.  From its presentation on the Nemo show the following useful conclusions could be gleaned.
        1.     There is palpable driver anger over SMS and PSP – OOIDA has filed a suit.
        2.     Carriers are cherry picking new drivers but seem reluctant to cull existing drivers with violations.
        3.     The number of applicants for new authorities is up substantially.  Whether this indicates drivers or carriers with bad scores are filing for new authority cannot be determined.
        4.     Shippers are reluctant to kick out existing carriers but are using the scores to ban new carriers from access to freight.
        5.     98% of the shippers using the scores are just looking at the raw percentile rankings.
        6.     In its efforts to “raise the safety bar” the Agency has substantially raised the cost of compliance for carriers.
        7.     Carriers record increased loss of productivity as a result of roadside inspections.
        8.     ISSP continues to cost red light carriers with loss of productivity due to excessive inspections.
        9.     Peer group shift – 30% of the respondents say they have slipped at least one peer group resulting in wild swings in scores.  5% report peer group slips three to four times as a result of increased inspections. 
        10.    86% of carriers and 92% of drivers were negative about SMS methodology.

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