Thursday, October 13, 2011

GAO Study Released

The following link will yield the recent GAO study of CSA 2010 methodology based upon its implementation in the test states:

GAO noted inter alia that it is too early to definitely assess the extent to which CSA will improve truck and bus safety nationwide. It noted that the success of SMS methodology “depends upon the availability of sufficient inspection data for carriers” stating that small carriers are less likely to receive sufficient roadside inspections to be scored and ranked. Lack of sufficient data to rank 80% of the carriers the Agency regulates and the law of large numbers are two of the systemic flaws noted by ASECTT.

Among GAO’s recommendations is for Secretary LaHood to direct the FMCSA Administrator to regularly report to Congress on CSA status including problems that FMCSA has encountered during the implementation and the risk they pose to full implementation of CSA. Pointing out the systemic problems in SMS methodology, including the chilling effect its percentile rankings of carriers has on efficiency and competition are important roles for ASECTT to fill.

Henry E. Seaton, Esq.

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